Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shirley's First Woven Scarf!

After Shirley saw my Log Cabin Scarf, she decided that she wanted to make it but first she needed to start with something simpler. She puchased a loom and had it warped in less than 20 minutes with Marble Chunky.

She took it home to weave and followed instructions in the book to end it. Wow! Turned out great and I love the background in the pic!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Group and Mukluks

Shirley has been having so much fun teaching her Monday group. She's always so excited telling me about them. I feel like I'm missing out!

Recently the group finished knitting Mukluks. Didn't they do an outstanding job?!
Left to right: Michelle, Susan, Shirley, Michelle, Stacy, and Anita. (Next time we need a picture of the teacher in there also.)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A visit from Wichita Falls

We always love seeing the group from Wichita Falls, Texas. You can tell they have so much fun together. What a delight it was having them!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jawoll Color Sock Yarn

I'm really excited our latest sock yarn addition - Jawoll Color by Lang Yarns. There is so much to love about this yarn. Each yarn label includes a picture of a knitted sock so the consumer can see exactly how the pattern looks. However, the really special part is that tucked inside each ball of yarn is a spool of reinforcement thread. Now, it's not just a generic spool of thread - the thread is dyed to match the yarn! How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, out of the 14 colorways ordered, only 5 arrived yesterday. That usually happens with popular yarn! Each 100gm ball is enough to do a normal size pair of socks. Yarn composition is 75% wool and 25% nylon. Retails for $16 - see the price is even a winner!

Log Cabin Weave

I had a blast trying out the Log Cabin Pattern for my weaving. I've always loved the contrast of red and white for my Fair Isle knitting so decided to go with it for this project.  Of course, I've been getting plenty of ribbing about it being OU colors, but hey, if it sales yarn, I don't care - I just love the color red!

I do love how such a simple weave can produce an interesting 3-D effect. I used Cascade's Venezia Sport yarn. Oh my - you have to feel it to believe how soft it is!
I know I've only been showing my weaving projects lately and it appears I'm not knitting. However, I'm actually knitting more. It's just that weaving is faster and the other projects are things I'm designing so it takes longer. At each retreat, I always release a new pattern of mine and it is finally finished. The staff and I are excited about the retreat project and we are in the process of proof knitting the pattern. My other design is a larger version of my Puddin' Sweater. I've had so many requests for it so I'm happy to finally start getting this accomplished!

Lucky Babies

Susie is a regular in our Thursday afternoon group and we love her enthusiasm. She's always so cheerful and excited to be here.

Susie retired from a local car dealership but still maintains close contacts with her former employer. She recently crocheted this adorable baby blanket and hat for his newborn son. However, Susie didn't stop there and included a cute hat for the older sister. How thoughtful!

The pink blanket and hat is for a friend's newborn child. What lucky recipients of these gifts!

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 2015 Yarn In

We had a blast on Saturday! There's nothing like fiber, food, and fellowship to create a good time.

We had a rigid heddle loom warped and ready for customers to have some fun playing with weaving. Liz was such an enthusiastic teacher and you could tell she loved every minute. Here she is shown giving some guidance to Carol. It didn't take long for Carol to decide she was hooked and weaving was a quick way to make scarves for her market booth!
Btw, if you're interested in learning how to do rigid heddle weaving, Susie is giving an introductory class on July 25th. (The class is full but we need only a couple of more people on the waiting list to make another class.) Liz is giving a class on pooling for weaving on August 11. (There is only one spot left.)  I am so very fortunate to have these two great teachers!

Of course, one of the biggest highlights for the Yarn In is the food. There's not a doubt that we have some of the best cooks on this planet!

First place went to Katie and her Chocolate Chip Gooey Cake. Man, it was so good. So good that I imagined that it had to be a 1000 calorie/bite dish! Be sure to check out the recipe on our Ravelry page.
Second place went to Denice's Quinoa Salad. I had never tasted quinoa before, and I really liked it!
Third place went to Peg and her scrumptious Fruit Salad.
Sherri was finishing the mate to this sock during the Yarn-In. She worked it toe-up with an after-thought heel. Yarn used was Cascade Print.
Bethany used the pattern, Coexist Socks to formulate this sock. Apparently, the pattern has many stitch patterns and knitters chooses patterns for the border, cuff, heel, foot, and toe. She used Cascade Heritage that has been over-dyed.
Karen O. also had a pair of toe-up knitted socks. She used Regia Fluromania. 

Karen also knitted the Parabola Hat using Malabrigo Rios in the Sunset colorway. The hat is reversible!
Susie is doing so great as a beginner knitter.  She just started a couple of months ago and she is learning fast! In the past month, she knitted these two washcloths and scarf. The washcloths are knitted out of Cotton Supreme Splash and the scarf is out of Cascade Cherub Chunky.
Susie also knitted this scarf and hat set out of Berroco Vintage Chunky. You're doing great, Susie!
Tina learned to weave on Tuesday and this is the beautiful scarf she finished! Wow...
She used Mille Colori for the warp and a solid gray for the weft.
Kathy is modeling a shawl woven by Liz. Many asked to purchase the shawls Liz had made, but she had a difficult time deciding a price. If you're interested in purchasing, send me an e-mail and I will give you her contact information. Believe me when I tell you that she is not charging enough....
Liz was using stash yarn to make a shawl but was short of having enough to make it as wide as she wanted. I love her solution of using a solid color for the border!  So pretty!
Thanks to everyone who attended....same time, same place next month!